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What we do

Media Campaigns


Thinking you’ll use media to get your brand, profile, new service or product noticed? This kind of publicity starts with a conversation on your objectives: how, when, why, what, where and who.


Timing is important. Media campaigns should be senstive to seasonal business and can leveraging off current trends, conversations and events.


We write great press releases that get noticed by journalists, editors, producers and relevant industry and associations.


We share releases with the relevant people in our wide network of media contacts. We use a targeted approach that is carefully timed for optimal coverage.


We carry out multiple follow-ups and present creative, flexible options for media to engage with your campaign and get you noticed.

Content & Copywriting


With years of freelance writing, journalism and copywriting under our belt means we’re well-placed to write all manner of pieces for magazines and newspapers everywhere.


Writing for digital platforms requires the same passionate approach to writing as print mediums. However, attention to potential actions or ‘clicks’, key words and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is also taken into account to support all other digital content and assets.


Website content is ideally clear, engaging, and conveys your point of difference. This applies to text, imagery and brand colour palettes and guidelines. Search Engine Optimisation is part of this storytelling process. Altogether, these factors should lead visitors on a smooth journey that finishes with engagement.


Social media messaging should align with all your other content, while making a short, sharp point. That message will guide visitors to take an action or engagement. We work with you, your digital marketing specialist or our own digital people to target the right people, in the right place at the right time.

PublicĀ  Relations


Public Relations starts with a conversation on potential media campaigning as well as brand story, social media messaging and copy, website copy, event schedules, advertising and more. If the public can see it, then we look at it. This is considered alongside your marketing goals and strategy.


Events and initiatives with a community, industry or public focus are created to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ people about what you do. As well as satisfying reach into desirable markets and demographics, ,events generate social media and mainstream/public media attention.


Media campaigning is a cornerstone of the public relations practice as explained under the main section


Lobbying those in positions of power can play a significant part in good public relations, just as garners public attention and support is. Consider the creation and distribution of white papers to like-businesses and organisations, decision-makers and influencers. Events also contribute to gaining leads and growing support for your cause or issue.